Cinnamon Roll: Gooey Glory

These days, you can buy cinnamon rolls that have been customized every which way –  pumpkin dough, whole wheat dough, chocolate filled dough, raisins, bananas, walnuts, pecans, caramel, etc. The possibilities are overwhelming. You can also get your hands on them through a multitude of methods – from scratch, in a Pillsbury can, at the Cinnabon counter. The list goes on and on.

The variations in preparation and purchase are understandable – cinnamon rolls are ridiculously delicious and popular, so people want to put their own spin on them, and businesses want to make them as readily available as possible. But why reinvent the wheel? And why eat something that comes from an aluminum tube or that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for an unspecified amount of time? In our bakery, we make fresh, classic, unadulterated cinnamon rolls from scratch every single day. Why trade quality and taste for convenience and cost when you can have it all? In a world where you have to make sacrifices, here’s one time you don’t.

We start our dough  with the basic ingredients – flour, milk, sugar, eggs, margarine, and shortening. Then we give it the “roll” in its name. First, we roll out the dough into a uniform thickness then we roll it up with brown sugar and cinnamon. Finally, we slice up this “log” into individual cinnamon roll pastries and top them all with a rich cream cheese glaze. After a bake in the oven, the cinnamon rolls emerge in all their piping hot glory. The whiteness of the cream cheese contrasts with the golden brown exterior of the dough. The sticky, glistening glaze melts into all the crevices and onto the top of the roll, which now resembles a dome since the central layers puff up above the outer layers.

Then it’s time for the moment of truth. You bring the cinnamon roll closer and inhale its iconic sweet, cinnamon, buttery scent. You take the first bite. The exterior of the dough is slightly crunchy while the interior is flaky, moist, and soft. There are no words to describe the taste – the combination of cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, and cream cheese rock your world. In fact, you’re so far gone, you’ve landed in another world –  the sweet world of sinful cinnamon rolls. Whichever way you eat it – layer by layer or straight through the center (as our friend in the picture is doing), it’s a mind-blowing and delectable experience.

So leave the hard work to us and the delicious part to you. Just pick up a pack of cinnamon rolls from our bakery and stick them in the fridge when you get home. In the morning, all you need to do is pop them in the oven. Within a few minutes, your house will smell like you’ve been baking all morning, and you’ll have hot, sticky cinnamon rolls that taste like you’ve been prepping all night.

Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone your little secret.


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