Cranberry Walnut Bread: Superhero And Super Scrumptious

Most people don’t know this, but we have a team of superheroes working double time for us at La Tour Bakery. By day, they are delicious looking, aromatically upstanding citizens. By night, they don culinary capes and protect our palates against forgettable flavors. Today, a momentous occasion will take place. Today, we will reveal their secret identities.

First, we have Cranberry Walnut Bread. You may know this character by its other name – Cranberry Walnut Crisps. Next, we have its partner Raisin Walnut Bread who, when the sun goes down, transforms into Raisin Walnut Crisps. Our third individual is Kalamata Olive Bread, which is the secret identity of Kalamata Olive Crisps, a particularly popular hero in Greece. And finally, rounding out the stellar line-up is Roasted Garlic Bread, also known as Roasted Garlic Crisps, a much feared superhero amongst bland culinary enemies.

Let’s take a closer look at one of our most popular individuals – Cranberry Walnut Bread. This bread is a delicious sourdough with a crunchy crust and soft, moist, chewy interior. But it’s got secret powers – when you take your first bite, you’ll initially taste the familiar, lightly sour taste, but then your flavorful experience will be punctuated by sweet, tangy pieces of cranberry and bitter, crunchy chunks of walnut. There’s a lot going on, but it works. Our Cranberry Walnut Bread handles the pressure of the spotlight with ease, but it can also graciously and deliciously take a supporting role – just check out the following recipe from PaniniHappy: Turkey-Apple Salad Melt Panini.

But when duty calls, our Cranberry Walnut Bread quickly undergoes a transformation  and emerges an entirely new individual – Cranberry Walnut Crisps. How? Well, we take a loaf of Cranberry Walnut Bread and slice it super thinly. Then, we baste the slices with butter, coat them with sugar, and toast them up until they’re crunchy and glistening. What you get is an addictive and sophisticated snack that is both sweet and sour, light yet buttery.

Catch our breads and crisps in action today and every Monday from 3pm to 7pm at the University Avenue market, packing a punch and kicking your taste buds into high gear. They’re saving the world, one palate at a time.


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