Brownies: Eating Under Their Influence

Never underestimate the capability of a brownie – it has more power than we can even begin to imagine. There’s something about a brownie that, when you catch sight of one, or may the force  be with you, catch whiff of one, it consumes you. And in just a few swift seconds, against all your better judgment, you’ll be consuming it. Let’s be clear – once you’re under the seductive influence of a brownie, there’s nothing you can do.

Take the following situation. You’re at work, minding your own business and typing away at your computer, when a well-intentioned co-worker drops by, places a brownie on your desk, and exits with an innocent smile, pretending like she didn’t just drop a ticking time bomb in your lap.

Even if you weren’t in the mood for dessert before, now you are. In fact, you’ve got this intense, overpowering craving that can only be satisfied by one thing – a brownie. It sits on your desk, staring at you. it even seems to speak to you: “Forget that resolution you made this morning to only eat granola bars and salad all day. Look at how fudgy, chocolaty, and delicious I am. It’s so easy. Give in to the temptation. You know you want to. Just do it. ” Even though you just hallucinated, you try to convince yourself that you’re sane and in control of the situation. You buckle down, call upon your discipline, and ignore that brownie. You stare at the computer screen, but you can’t concentrate. You glance at it. Then you quickly avert your eyes.  Then it happens. You forget your willpower, your promises to yourself, your judgment, and you dive for the brownie. The first bite is not just good, it’s divine, glorious, awesome. It’s everything you ever imagined, and so much more.

Our brownies are no exception. Believe us, we’re speaking from personal experience. They’re dense, fudgy, and utterly sinful. When you sink your teeth into them, the rich, gooey, and smooth chocolate overwhelms your senses and leaves you on a cloud of sweet euphoria. You take another bite, and this time, you find a chunk of wonderful walnut. The combination of silky chocolate and crunchy walnut is formidable, and your taste buds are powerless against it. You think there’s just no way it can get any better. And then it does. You take a sip of cold, refreshing milk, and the impossible becomes possible.

Sooner than you expect, the brownie’s gone. You rack your brains – where did it go? You want more. No, you need more. And off you go on the hunt for chocolaty satisfaction.

Can you handle the brownie experience? Can you eat just one? Drop by every Friday from 7am to 2pm at the Fort Street Mall market and from 3pm to 7pm at the Momilani Community Center market, and let us know. Even if you’re the most disciplined, rational person in the world, there’s no saying what you’ll do when eating under the influence of the brownie.


One response to “Brownies: Eating Under Their Influence

  1. Read at your own risk: your diet will be thrown out of the window. But you’ll know what paradise could be like!

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